Chelle Hawn is an Author and Certified Health Coach. She completed her training and certification with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York City, NY. She also is affiliated with You + Health out of Beverly Hills, California. Her practice has expanded organically as she has helped more and more people recover from some of the most complicated health issues. Chelle is an Intuitive Healer and can deliver real solutions to the heart of the issue with her knowledge of how the body works and the foods/supplements it needs to repair itself. One of her passions is helping cancer patients with their nutrition and self-care through the difficult phases of chemotherapy, radiation, recovery and remission. Turning 60 this year, Chelle is more determined than ever to set a standard that has never been reached in Disrupting the Aging Process. Her proprietary practices for turning-back-the-clock are self-taught and deliver results. Currently, she has three books: 'The 4-week Bombshell Beauty Challenge' which reveals her personal beauty regime; 'The Albert Einstein' which has topped her best seller's list addressing mental health and creating ultimate brain power; and,'Triple Digit Living' her bravest work yet. It breaks through out-dated sickness and remedy paradigms. For those that desire to live to 100 and beyond, she wrote this book for you. 


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