Letting Go! A Super Power Move for the New Year

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

How much stuff do we really want to bring with us into the New Year? Everything we choose to carry on our shoulders, in our heart or on our mind has a certain energy to it. It's either going to zap our strength by creating a physical, emotional and mental drain; or, it's going to inspire us and provide enthusiasm to carry us higher.

Play along with me...let's pretend it's morning. You have rolled out of bed and stumbled over to your 'life's mechanical room' to set up your day. You are facing a wall of every kind of outlet imagineable. On the wall is a outlet for each of your past, current and future experiences, situations and thoughts. Here's the catch...you are holding only 7 plugs which represents your daily maximum energy output. You only have so much juice to devote to this day. This is where you get to choose. Which outlets are you going to plug into? You can only choose 7. At 7, you are maxed out. Are you going to plug into the outlet of 'regret of a past relationship that was a major detour in life' and beat yourself up with that all day; or, are you going to plug into the outlet that says, 'today is a new day to wipe the slate clean and begin again. I can move forward with the knowledge of all my lessons learned and create a different outcome'. Another choice, are you going to plug into 'my dreams are just pie in the sky and could never really come true for me', or, choose to plug your energy into the outlet that says, 'if I can dream it, I can do it. All things are possible to him who believes'.

Realizing we have a choice as to what we decide to devote our daily energy to creates an 'Aha' moment. It's like a secret to life revealed. Look, It is impossible to be human and not to have regrets. We are always learning so its understandable that we made mistakes along the way. There is not one of us that doesn't have something that they wish they could go back and do differently. But here's the thing, we've got to be a little kind to ourselves. We need to let ourselves off the hook. We can realize that we made the best decision we could with the information and experience we had at the time. This type of self cuddling and comfort helps to sets us free...free from self condemnation and unforgiveness.

This is where the super power move of Letting Go comes in. This is the ninja kick we want to give to our past mistakes. Perfecting the Letting Go Super Power Move is the difference between a life full of regrets and it's too late; or, a life where dreams come true. This is the move that allows us to make the right choice every morning when we are standing in our 'life's mechanical room'. This is where the decision is made...what outlets are we going to plug our energy into today? We don't want to plug into worries, regrets, could of's, should of's or fears. We can say no to those energy drains by simply LETTING IT ALL GO. No explanation needed. No excuses to cover it up. Take a deep breath and blow it out. Shrug it off. Hit the reset button. Draw a line in the sand. Begin again.

I challenge all of us to hone the Letting Go Super Power Move this year. Practice it everyday. Choose carefully every morning. What are you going to carry around with? Will it drain your physical, mental and emotional energy; or, will it supercharge your life?

Together this year, let's plug into the life we really deserve.


Author/Health Coach

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